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Nerivio is a life-changing treatment. Nerivio is not a want – it’s a need. This safe treatment for migraines is a vital break-through for my patients’ quality of life. It’s my responsibility to let colleagues and patients know about this important therapy.

Dr. Kathy Fields

Date Invested: March 2019
Sector: Medtech
Stage: Early Commercialization


Migraines treated


Worldwide suffer from migraines

Migraines are one of the most prevalent and disabling neurologic diseases, disproportionately affecting women. Migraine attacks are frequently treated symptomatically with prescription medications which are often poorly tolerated, contraindicated, and if used excessively, may lead to significant medical complications, including medication overuse headache.

Theranica has developed Nerivio™, an FDA authorized easy-to-use, non-invasive, safe and non-chemical wearable device for the acute treatment of migraine. The wearable, Nerivio™, is applied to the upper arm and activated by a smartphone app which begins a 30-40 minute session that stimulates endogenous pain inhibitory mechanisms in the brain through electrical neuromodulation. Results from numerous large-scale clinical studies show efficacy results as good as the gold standard pharmacological treatments with a stronger safety profile of minimal side effects.

Date Invested: February 2019
Sector: Digital Health
Stage: Early Commercialization



Improved efficiency of pathology lab when deploying Ibex’s technology


New breast cancer cases each year worldwide

Pathologists are becoming an increasingly scarce resource worldwide. Combined with the significant rise of cancer cases, the workload of US pathologists increased by ~50% over the past decade. This causes pathologists to spend less time on each case, leading to higher rates of diagnostic errors, which directly and adversely impact patients’ treatment and health and increase costs for the healthcare system. Pathology services, therefore, need to adapt in order to meet the demands of the healthcare system. This means bringing cutting-edge technology into the laboratories to make the system as agile, efficient, and accurate as possible. 

Ibex Medical Analytics is a pioneer in AI-powered cancer diagnostics in pathology. Ibex uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop clinical-grade solutions that help diagnose cancer with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Ibex combines data from pathology glass slides and electronic medical records obtained through exclusive access to Maccabi Healthcare to reveal underlying patterns and extract valuable clinical insights that can transform how pathology and oncology are practiced and propel them into the information age. Ibex’s Galen Platform uses algorithms to analyze images, detect and grade cancer in biopsies and point to other findings of high clinical importance, helping pathologists reduce diagnostic error rates, significantly decrease turn around time and enable a more efficient workflow. Deployed worldwide, Ibex’s Galen™ Prostate and Galen™ Breast are the first-ever AI-based cancer detection solutions used in routine clinical practice in pathology labs, with demonstrated success in detecting missed cancer cases.

When I started with DayTwo I was taking medications for diabetes and my thyroid. After 4 months of using the recommendations, my HbA1c, glucose, and TSH went down significantly. Since starting DayTwo, I can eat what I like as long as it is in the right combination and don’t feel hungry or frustrated.

Limor G., DayTwo Patient, 49

Date Invested: January 2017
Sector: Digital Health
Stage: Early Commercialization


Gut microbiomes sequenced, and personalized diets delivered


People worldwide suffer from diabetes

DayTwo is a diabetes solution platform based on Microbiome Precision Medicine. The Company offers personalized nutrition solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Company leverages its Gut Microbiome Platform™ to conduct advanced genetic sequencing of an individual’s gut microbiome. 

Based on research out of the Weizmann Institute, DayTwo has shown that an individual’s glucose response to food is highly personalized and is not solely determined by the glycemic index of a particular food. Combining an individual’s gut micriobiome sequencing data with big data analytics allows us to more accurately predict an individual’s glycemic response to specific foods. DayTwo translates this data into personalized, actionable dietary recommendations and modifications primarily aimed at preventing and treating metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Clinical data has shown an ability to drive clinically meaningful reductions in HbA1C and weight.

The only way to stay in this business for 25 years and still wake up every morning and do the job is because you believe in the values and when you see value in what you do.

Ziv Ofek, MDClone Founder & CEO

Date Invested: August 2019
Sector: Digital Health
Stage: Early Commercialization


Patient data available as synthetic in global network


Start-ups collaborating with health systems

Navigating data in a health system can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. Answering even simple questions can take months or longer due to siloed IT systems, complex data models, unstructured data, privacy regulations, and ultimately, limited bandwidth from IT staff.

MDClone has introduced a groundbreaking solution for data-driven healthcare exploration, discovery and delivery. MDClone provides the tools – and the underlying technology – to integrate healthcare data from disparate sources and provide never- before-possible clinical and operational insights to improve and ultimately share best practices in care delivery in a very timely manner, without compromising patient privacy.

The platform is based on MDClone’s proprietary data engine and synthetic technology, Any question, cohort, or population, and any data element from any source can be analyzed, all in familiar terminologies without programming skills or mediators, and all with zero-risk to patient privacy.


We embark on this journey to enable early detection, treatment, and recurrence monitoring of cancer and other complex diseases.

Philip Ma, Ph.D., PrognomIQ CEO

Date Invested: August 2019
Sector: Tools & Diagnostics
Stage: Early Development


of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage


Increase in lung cancers survival rate when the cancer is diagnosed early

There is a large unmet need for improved tests that will allow for earlier detection, treatment and recurrence monitoring of disease. The understanding of biology has advanced tremendously through large-scale genomic data collection capabilities. Yet, despite these advancements, researchers and clinicians do not have the functional context at the protein level to support early disease detection and prevention. 

PrognomIQ is a diagnostics company developing a simple blood test for early detection of cancer and other complex diseases. 

As a spinout company from Seer, an aMoon2 portfolio company, PrognomIQ leverages Seer’s Proteograph technology for unbiased proteomic analysis at unprecedented depth, breadth, and scale. PrognomIQ will combine this unique proteomics data from the Proteograph, with genomics and other omics data, to develop and commercialize multi-omics tests for cancer and other complex diseases. Their differentiated multi-omics approach will lead to better diagnostics solutions and put the genetic variation in disease in a functional context.

Date Invested: November 2020
Sector: BioPharma
Stage: Early Development


Liver disease Patients worldwide

Liver disease accounts for approximately 2 million deaths per year worldwide and represents a major global burden and unmet therapeutic need. Whole and partial liver transplants are the gold standard solutions for liver disease, but persistent donor organ shortage limits the efficacy of liver transplants. Liver cell therapies, such as Hepatocyte cell transplantations, have achieved functional rescue but failed long-term therapeutic effect. 

Satellite is developing first-in-class, implantable satellite organs as living therapeutic solutions that can transform the lives of millions of patients who suffer from serious diseases. Building on 25 years of work in award-winning labs at MIT, Harvard, Penn, and BU, the platform is supported by a strong IP portfolio and clinical proof of concept.

The mission of SOPHiA genetics is to improve the lives of patients by providing clinicians with faster and more precise diagnostics for better treatment options. To do so, we’ve developed cutting-edge collective artificial intelligence to help clinicians make sense of their patient’s genomic data."

Jurgy Camblong, SOPHiA CEO & Co-founder

Date Invested: September 2020
Sector: Digital Health
Stage: Late Commercialization


Hospitals worldwide


Genomic profiles analyzed

As more personal health data is being collected at scale, an urgent need arises for its accurate and accessible interpretation to unlock the value of personalized medicine. SOPHiA strives to develop solutions that can be used in a decentralized manner, not bound by physical location or type of data structure, and that not only accurately and rapidly analyze the data, but also help derive clinical insights to integrate with treatment decisions and drug development. Combining the first two pillars of Data-Driven Medicine, Genomics and Radiomics, SOPHiA ensures that the data used to help patients today will also benefit the patients of tomorrow. 

The company has developed a leading cloud-based AI platform that provides genomic data analysis to genomic labs and clinicians, offering end-to-end, customized solutions for efficient assessment of complex variants associated with various diseases. SOPHiA AI leverages statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning to maximize the value of genomics and radiomics data, offering a platform that enables a decentralized solution for broad scale genetic analysis. By unlocking the power of new-generation health data for cancer and rare disease management, the universal SOPHiA Platform allows clinical researchers to act with precision and confidence. The company’s innovative approach enables experts from hundreds of healthcare institutions to benefit from sharing their knowledge and experience, fostering a new era in healthcare.

I’ve had knee problems for a couple years now. The mental part of this injury has been more severe for me than the physical part of it. The first day that I came in here and I put these on, I cried. Because I could move, and I could walk like a normal person again.

Robert LaSalle, AposHealth Patient

Date Invested: January 2017
Sector: Digital Health
aMoon Invested: $24.1M
Stage: Late Commercialization


Patients worldwide


knee replacement surgeries in the U.S. every year

Chronic knee pain is a growing concern in the U.S. and globally, as the rate of knee replacement surgeries continues to rise. 

Total knee replacement for patients suffering from advanced knee osteoarthritis is an invasive and costly procedure and considered as the last resort following traditional treatment and physical therapy. Furthermore, musculoskeletal pathologies of the knees and lower back, which is characterized by an increased load on the problematic areas and poor muscle control, can cause pain and difficulty in performing daily activities such as walking. 

While medicines and injections address the sensation of pain and can turn off patients’ inflammation and pain sensations temporarily, AposHealth takes a different approach by realigning the body and helping improve muscular control and coordination – thereby relieving pain and significantly improving daily function. 

AposHealth is a clinically proven, FDA cleared solution for knee and lower back pain—without the need for surgery, injections, opioids or a dramatic change in patients’ daily routine. AposTherapy’s drug-free, at-home treatment addresses the root cause of the pain by shifting the pressure from the painful area and by re-educating the muscles for a healthier walking pattern, and it is the only effective alternative to knee replacement at a fraction of the cost.